Be bold, be active

With fluid lines, an aggressive grille and athletic shoulders, the Renault KADJAR is boldness incarnate.

Inspired, solid and sporty, it's by your side in whatever you do and is ready to venture into new horizons at the drop of a hat.

Be adventurous every day and set out to discover the city in a new light. With its ENERGY dCi 110 engine, its Stop & Start and regenerative braking system, the KADJAR is a top performer in consumption and CO2 emissions (99 g of CO2/km*), making it an eco leader.

Tailored grip Four-Wheel Drive transmission

Four-Wheel Drive* transmission. Faced with changing driving conditions? Just turn the selector knob and choose the most suitable mode. Three modes are available:

2WD: only the front wheels power the vehicle. Under normal driving conditions this optimises your fuel consumption.

Auto: the system automatically adjusts the torque distribution and adapts the transmission of power between each of the front and rear wheels. This delivers optimal traction and safety.

Lock: a 50/50 split between the front and rear wheels is maintained below 25 mph on loose surfaces (earth, sand, mud, snow).

*4WD transmission is available on the ENERGY  dCi 130 engine.

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