Renault Kangoo

The Renault Kangoo:

Efficient, adaptable and durable

The Renault Kangoo has been specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals, whatever their business environment. With panel van, crew van and fully electric versions, the Kangoo can be adapted to your every demand, offering a wide range of custombuilt and practical solutions.

Efficient with fuel

The Kangoo engine benefits from the best in modern technology. It consists of the ENERGY dCi 75 hp, ENERGY dCi 90 hp and ENERGY dCi 110 hp engines, With Stop & Start technology and the new regenerative braking system (Energy Smart Management), Kangoo achieves fuel economy of up to 65.7mpg* helping you to minimise fuel costs.

F1 Technology
The variable geometry turbocharger allows for flexible driving and instant pick-up, even under load, all the while giving more power at high speeds. Derived from Formula 1, the regenerative braking system helps charge the battery when decelerating, recovering energy that would otherwise be lost. Furthermore, the Eco mode button optimises throttle response for maximum fuel economy with MPG improved by up to 10%.

Euro 6
The Kangoo range is now Euro 6 compliant in line with the regulatory requirement for LCV Euro 6 compliance on 1 September 2016. The Euro 6 engine standard reduces NOx (Nitrous Oxides) emissions by half compared to Euro 5. Renault is proud that we have been able to reduce these emissions in our Kangoo Vans with the application of a NOx trap located in the exhaust system, meaning you still receive the maximum efficiency from all our engines.

Efficient with space

Multi-positional bulkhead
The multi-positional bulkhead, standard on Crew Van Cab versions, cleverly lets you make the most of interior room, without compromising passenger safety. When you are  carrying crew, the bulkhead sits behind the rear seats. When you fold the rear seats down for extra cargo space, it automatically folds to protect passengers in the front cabin.

Swivelling bulkhead
Additionally we offer an optional swivelling bulkhead; the passenger seat folds flat and the bulkhead swivels round, providing protection for the driver as well as an additional 0.6m3 of load space. Simple, ingenious, and typical of our attention to detail – giving you a versatile, yet safe load area.


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