At Crisps Paramount Garage, we all take customer satisfaction seriously, we understand that cars are a major investment and maintaining them can be a considerable expense.

Unfortunatley we can't prevent all faults from happening, although we all appreciate good quality maintenance definately helps...however, what we can do is ensure that we provide all of our customers with that good quality maintenance and effective repairs,  fairly priced and with quality help and advice when things go wrong. 

The last months customer feedback direct to Renault UK.....these are actual quotes, taken by Renault UK in follow up's to our customers following service or repairs at Crisps, and can be found on Renault.co.uk under find a dealer, then read reviews.

Review Rating   *****    15/07/2013

I would definitely recommend them as they are very friendly and have always done a very good job with my vehicle as well.

Review Rating    *****    12/07/2013

I have always used this dealership with my car and would definitely recommend them to anyone else. I keep returning here because the staff are so friendly, and the services they perform are always good. I have never had any problems with any aspect of their performance.

Review Rating  *****      10/07/2013

In my view, this dealership is worth my definite recommendation to other potential customers. If I had to summarise why I feel this, I would say it is because this dealership is quietly efficient in all that they do.

Review Rating *****       27/06/2013

I have dealt with Crisps Paramount Garage for 6 or 7 years and they have always been very reliable and efficient. They carry out what we ask them to do.

Review Rating *****      27/06/2013

They are courteous and their premises are clean.

Review Rating *****      20/06/2013

This dealership has been looking after both my car and my wife's car for quite some time. They have always been efficient, courteous and pleasant. We are very satisfied with service we receive from them.

Review Rating *****      17/06/2013

I would definitely recommend this dealer, because its where I got my car from and if I had any bother or needed any help with specific parts they have always been very helpful.

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