Air Conditioning


Although often over looked, Air conditioning is another part of your vehicle that needs routine service to ensure that it is working efficiently and effectively.

Over time, especially if not used regularly, the refrigerant gas can leak out causing reduced performance. Smells can come from the A/C, which is due to a build up of bacteria in an un-serviced system, and the extra load required to run the A/C can affect your fuel consumption.

Our air con service  is a thorough inspection of the system, including a diagnostic check and re-charge the refrigerant and a system cleanse using an anti-bacterial cleaner.

If you are experiencing smells from the system, we also recommend replacement of the cabin filter. This is at extra cost to the standard A/C service

We are able to service both R134a or systems using the newer R1234YF gas,  with prices from £89 for R134a and £149 for R1234YF gas, but due to the variation in the gas quantity that different vehicles require this is a guide price only...... please contact us and ask for a quote for your car.

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