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  • Service and Repair

    Whether you need an MOT, Service, Repairs or spare parts & accessories, our aftersales department is here to help.

    •    All workmanship guaranteed
    •    While you wait servicing by appointment
    •    Courtesy cars available by appointment (small charge applies)
    •    Collection and delivery - Free in local area

    You can find further information on the specific service's we offer below, or feel free to call us on 01728 830509 with your requirements.

    • AIR CONDITIONING Although often overlooked during the not-so-sunny days in the UK, Air conditioning is another part of your vehicle that needs routine service to ensure that it is working efficiently and effectively. over a period of time, especially if not used regularly, the refrigerant gas (which also carries the lubricating oil around the system) can leak out. Smells can come from the A.C. which is basically a build-up of bacteria in an unserviced system, and due to the extra load required to run the A.C. your fuel consumption could also …
    • MOT Every vehicle on the road must kept it in a roadworthy condition. The MOT test ensures that road safety and environmental standards are met. The first MOT test for a car is required when it is three years old, and yearly there after. Items covered by the test include;
    • A magnitude of sensors constantly monitor various parameters, which the systems ECU then checks and makes adjustments to suit. For most drivers the first sign of an engine fault will be a light on the dashboard, a possible lack of performance or poor starting, increased fuel consumption or smoke. In order to diagnose these systems you must have not only the correct equipment to read of the fault codes given, but also the knowledge and information to work with these codes and progress through an systematical test procedure to enable an …
    • Why are Tyres so important?

      Tyres in good condition and correctly inflated will increase your safety, improve your fuel consumption and enhance your cars ride quality, cornering and stopping ability.

      When the time comes to replace your tyres, we offer a range of tyres of to suit both your car and your pocket, we will ensure they are fitted and balanced correctly and recommend any repairs such as replacement steering components or wheel alignment, that may be required to ensure your new tyres last as long as they should.

      To get a quote for tyres to …


      As an independent dealer, we are able to source OE manufacturer parts, Service exchange parts and a range of lower priced, quality patent parts suitable for older vehicles. We also supply and fit a range of quality accessories such as tow bars, parking sensors, roof bars, mats, boot liners etc.


      (OE) parts are factory original parts designed and marketed by the manufacturer of your car or van. We can source OE parts for all makes and models of car and LCV.

      All OE parts are purpose-built to …

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