In order to get the maximum performance, low emmissions and all of the technical specifications which we all now expect, manufacturers have had to turn to a level of technology previously only found in the likes of F1.

Complex electronic systems now control engines, gearboxes, braking systems, air conditioning systems, in car entertainment, navigation systems etc.

A magnitude of sensors constantly monitor various parameters, which the systems ECU then checks and makes adjustments to suit.

For most drivers the first sign of an engine fault will be a light on the dashboard, a possible lack of performance or poor starting, increased fuel consumption or smoke.

In order to diagnose these systems you must have not only the correct equipment to read of the fault codes given, but also the knowledge and information to work with these codes and progress through an systematical test procedure to enable an accurate diagnosis.

We operate a fixed price diagnostic check, which does not only include a "code read" (on it's own almost worthless), but also an amount of physical measurements & checking to locate and confirm the fault.

If the fault can not be accurately diagnosed within this price, we will always ask for your authorisation to continue, We will then price the repair prior to doing any other work on your car.

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