Expert Service Offer

£CALL for a fully inclusive price for your car

In the current climate, we all often need to look to see where we can save money, but with your car this should not mean cutting corners.....Our current "Expert Service" Offer means that you can do both.

Our skilled technicians will carry out our "Expert Service" including changing your engine oil* and oil filter and visually check over 25 other important items, including but not limited to;

  • Checking condition and inflation pressure of tyres
  • Checking condition of front brake pads, discs and components
  • Checking condition of rear brake pads, discs & components**
  • Front and rear suspension springs, shock absorbers and other components
  • Check condition of cooling system and coolant level
  • Exhausts system condition & security
  • checking oil and fluid levels
  • Checking operation & condition of all lights

We will complete an Expert Service check sheet and, if required, prepare a competitive and fully inclusive quote for any additional work which may be needed, advise on the urgency of getting this work done (contrary to popular belief, not everything must be done today!), allowing you to budget for when you need to get it done.

We can also send you a reminder when any recommended repairs are due to be done.

We will never carry out any additional work without first providing a quote and asking your permission.

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